TREC Transitions


TREC Program Relocation: Help for Parents, guardians and Students

Sunday, 4 pm, at NKSS -- parents and guardians can take a tour of the TREC location at NKSS

Monday, 6 pm, at the Henry Grube Centre -- parents and guardians are invited to a parent session at the Henry Grube Education Centre

Tuesday, 9 pm at the new TREC location at NKSS - TREC classes begin at 9 am. 

To learn more and to watch a virtual tour of the new location that was taken on Thursday, Sept. 12, click here




September 12, 2019

TREC Transition Underway

The TREC Transition is underway. Check out some of the photos taken by Superintendent of Schools Alison Sidow as she toured TREC and NorKam. 

Following yesterday's message to parents (below) we issued a news release this afternoon about the partnership agreement between the district, the City of Kamloops and the Boys and Girls Club of Kamloops regarding the relocation of the Bridges program to the John Tod Centre. 



September 11, 2019

Following up on Sunday’s parent session and yesterday’s communication, we have selected a suitable location for students in the Bridges program that we believe will alleviate the concerns that many parents and students have raised about going to a large high school.

The District is pleased to inform parents that the Bridges Program will be relocated to the John Tod Centre at the Boys and Girls Club located at 150 Wood Street. The Bridges program staff, David and Sandip, will host an open house for parents from 1pm to 2:30pm on Monday. Regular classes begin Tuesday, September 17 at 8:30 am.

 Additional staffing has been made available to ensure all learners’ needs will be met, in particular, those who are challenged by change. Parents of learners that are particularly impacted are asked to contact the school directly. Or email


September 10, 2019

When district staff and the Board of Education Vice-Chair and trustees met with TREC program parents and guardians on Sunday, Sept. 8, they heard their concerns about the need to relocate the TREC program. District staff are currently working to ensure the needs of all students at TREC are met.

District staff met with TREC Principal Cory Carmichael and Vice-Principal Beth Dye Sept. 10, and they are close to finalizing a plan that will address the needs of each TREC student.

This is how the plan is unfolding so far:

  • Four Directions students are asked to report to school at 9 AM on Monday Sept. 16 at the newly renovated United Way building at 285 Tranquille Road.
  • All other TREC program students formerly at 985 Holt are being asked to attend NorKam on Tuesday, Sept. 17, as per their regular course schedule. The TREC program has its own entrance, at the back of the NorKam site. Principal Carmichael and Vice-Principal Beth Dye will be hosting an open house on Sunday at 4 PM for those interested in visiting their new learning environment before Monday.
  • Additional staffing has been made available to ensure all learners’ needs will be met, in particular, those who are challenged by change.
  • The district is close to finalizing a location for students in the Bridges program, and we will let you know this new location as soon as possible.
  • District staff are exploring the potential of relocating the TREC program to the Happyvale Elementary site within the next few months. Ultimately, the intention is that once Parkcrest Elementary is rebuilt, TREC will return to 985 Holt.

This change in the TREC relocation plan will begin to address the concerns raised by parents and guardians on Sunday. The district will continue to explore options to further support TREC students. Look for updates on the TREC website. Questions? email us 

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